Surf Wave

Quarter-Pipe ProFlow Wave

Bodyboard or Surf on our unique sheet wave.

Participants must be 46” to bodyboard and 52” to surf. Participants must get qualified by our instructors to ride in an advance session.


Flowboarding is a hybrid water sport that takes influence from surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skim boarding and bodyboarding. Flowboarding is ideal for participants of all ages. Feel
the rush of the ocean or power of a river indoors, year-round with your family and friends. Board sport enthusiasts love the thrill of challenging the wave. Flowboarding is a skill-driven sport that will keep you coming back for more. You can choose to lay down on a bodyboard or stand up on a flow board and our instructors are there to provide training, tips, and tricks throughout your session.

The quarter pipe is modeled after skateboard and snowboard quarter pipes to give an exhilarating riding experience. The ride surface is made up of foam and vinyl, creating a gym mat feel to soften the blow when falling. Our recovery areas are made up of a grating system. This allows the water to circulate back into the tank and then gets pushed out the front from our four pumps creating about an inch of rideable water. The pumps are designed to be able to individually turn on, giving us the ability to create beginner and advance session settings.

46″ for bodyboard, 52″ for stand up

Yes, our staff are trained instructors that will give you a hands on experience to learn the basics and get you up and riding each and every time.

Falling can happen suddenly and oftentimes is unexpected. If you feel yourself about to fall, try to position yourself into a sitting position, tuck your chin to your chest, cover your head and orient your body facing up the wave. If you fall on the steep side of the wave, lay on your back with your feet facing up the wave, cover your head and let the water push you over to the flat side of the wave to wash you to the top. When going up and over the back of the wave try to go feet first to avoid hitting the back wall. Never try to push against the water. Let the flow take you to the top where you can exit the rear recovery and walk down the walkway on the side. Don’t let falls discourage you! Just get in line and try again and our instructors can help you understand what happened and how to try it a better way next time.

A completed Pro Card gains you access to Advance Sessions. To complete a Pro Card you must do a minimum of 3 Beginner Sessions and complete the requirements check list for either bodyboard, stand up or both.

In an advance session, all 4 pumps will be turned on creating the Quarter Pipe ride surface. This makes for a larger wave and more challenging experience. Only those who have a completed Pro Card can ride in an Advance session.

No, we have boards specifically designed for this type of attraction. Board rentals are included in the session at no extra cost.

It depends on how many people are in the session. 30 minutes is shared between each guest in your session, we only allow one rider on the wave at a time. Once a rider falls, then it is the next riders turn. Your amount of time is determined by how many guests there are and how long their turns are. Once the 30 minute session is over your time is up.

Many people think that if they are good at surfing, then flowboarding should come naturally. However, just because you have a talent for one extreme sport does not mean you have mastered them all. There may be a few similarities between surfing and flowboarding, but there are more differences than you
imagine. Any board sport experience will give you a leg up in the balance department, but the form and techniques are different. We also use much smaller boards without fins, giving more of a skim boarding feel.